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We all know what it is like to be a soldier in a war zone from what we see on TV and in Hollywood films. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an unarmed modern day international charity worker in an active war zone, such as Somalia, Chad or Afghanistan?

Modern International aid work has the fifth highest job-related death rate in the world, and is the only one for which the cause of death is predominantly intentional violence. Between 1997 and 2005, nearly as many aid workers were killed in the line of duty as were international peacekeeping troops.



Learn aid worker survival tactics at a corporate fundraising event with MASC Training Services
 Learn aid worker survival tactics at a corporate fundraising event with MASC Training Services

Learn aid worker survival skills

In 2006 alone according to CARE International, at least 83 charity workers were killed in action in, plus 778 wounded and 52 kidnapped. To minimise these risks aid workers undertake rigorous security training with organisations like MASC.

Are you good enough to go through the same security training? By holding a corporate entertainment event you could find out while at the same time raising sponsorship money for your favourite charity. Why not spend two days with former international charity workers learning the survival skills that kept them alive from the streets of Sarajevo in Bosnia to the tribal territories of Afghanistan.


Are YOU good enough? Read on to find out more...

  • Could you survive being ambushed whilst out driving? Know what it feel likes to come under fire from a sniper or caught in a cross fire. Know what to do if the vehicle you are travelling in is attacked by rebel insurgents. Learn the aid worker survival skills of how to stay alive in such situations.
  • You and your team have been taken hostage. Are you good enough to talk your way out of a hostage situation?
  • You are driving down the road when you suddenly drive into a rebel road block. They are all drunk and high on drugs and very trigger happy, how are you going to deal with them?
  • You are caught inside a minefield do you have the skill to get you and your team to safety?

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