Medical and Safety Consultants Training Services: Safety training for personnel working in hazardous environments.





MASC Training Services
The countries we work in

Working with you - across the world

MASC Training Services has worked in many countries across several continents. As we continue to expand to accommodate new clients all over the world, we gain valuable experience of each country.

Being aware of a country's current culture, customs, language and operational logistics enables us to use the knowledge we gain to continually improve our training courses and support service.

Although we are a UK-based company, we will work with our clients anywhere in the world to deliver training packages to help those who work in difficult and potentially dangerous situations.

World map showing the areas in which MASC Training Services work
 World map showing the areas in which MASC Training Services work

Countries and continents we work in

To date we have worked in the following countries, and welcome the opportunity to discuss working with you and your organisation in others.

Angola South Africa Central African Republic Zaire & DRC
Mali Somaliland Kenya Mauritania
Liberia Zimbabwe Namibia Uganda
Senegal Sudan    
Afghanistan Pakistan Indonesia Georgia
Sri Lanka Nepal India Brunei
Far East
Philippines East Timor Laos Malaysia
Vietnam Cambodia Singapore Thailand
Central & South America
Honduras El Salvador Guatamala Belize
Argentina Nicaragua    
North America
USA Hawaii    
Poland Kosovo Germany Bosnia
Macedonia Albania Denmark Sweden
Belgium Ireland Cyprus France
Middle East
Iraq Oman United Arab Emirates Jordan
Israel Palestine    
Haiti Mustique    

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