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SAS - Are you good enough?

As featured in July's edition of FHM magazine

Have you got what it takes?

Everyone knows how physically tough you have to be in the SAS.

But have you ever thought that you have got the mental strength and stamina to be good enough for the SAS?

Learn survival skills - and much more

Spend two days with former members of the real SAS learning the survival skills that keep soldiers alive from the streets of Baghdad to the tribal territories of Afghanistan.


Learn SAS survival, defence and anti-ambush tactics on a two day course with MASC Training Services
 Learn survival, defence and anti-ambush tactics on a two day course with MASC Training Services

Are YOU good enough? Read on to find out more...

  • You have to provide close protection to the head of the British Embassy after they have had death threats made against them. Are you good enough to take the Ambassador from his hotel to a high level meeting at the government ministry?
  • Your mission is to snatch a war lord wanted for war crimes from under the very noses of his own men, are you good enough to make him disappear?
  • Get it wrong and you get caught, do you think you are good enough to withstand an interrogation?
  • One of your team has been taken hostage. Are you good enough to take on the terrorists and rescue your team mate before they are executed?
  • You're driving down the road when your vehicle gets ambushed, are you good enough to drive your way out of it?

Are you ready for it? Think you can cope? Watch this short film* to see what it's like to be a part of the action with MASC Training Services.

* Note: The size of this movie file is approximately 20mB. It may take some time to download to your computer.

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